Dead And Awake Serial Killer Actress Actor of the Week on CastingCallPro

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With serial killers very much being in the Press at the moment just heard that Dead And Awake’s answer to the Moors Murders, Emily, played by Renate Morley has been awarded Actor of the Week on CastingCallPro! Subscribe to our … Read More

Looking for short film crew for Bleach movie

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We’re looking to get a bank of filmmakers together, ultimately to work on the feature Cerebus, but starting with a couple of short films the first being Bleach, involving a couple of days shooting and prep. Dedication rather than experience needed … Read More

Dead And Awake’s gangster connections

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Dead and Awake isn’t just a film that features gangsters, the song in DNA during a chopping scene is sung by director Alex’s friend Marilyn Wisbey daughter of great train robber Tommy Wisbey and long time partner of Mad Frankie … Read More

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