Dead And Awake Serial Killer Actress Actor of the Week on CastingCallPro

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With serial killers very much being in the Press at the moment just heard that Dead And Awake’s answer to the Moors Murders, Emily, played by Renate Morley has been awarded Actor of the Week on CastingCallPro! Subscribe to our … Read More

Anthony Hopkins – the Dead And Awake Connection

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Dead and Awake‘s lead actor Jason Wing had his training at drama shool paid for by Sir Anthony Hopkins! Not a scholarship but after winning the place and knowing that he couldn’t afford the fees he went out on a … Read More

Putting a movie on Amazon Video Direct (by someone who’s actually done it!)

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By Alex Fodor (FilmFodor) Like I’m sure a 1,000 other filmmakers I’m for the first time venturing into Amazon Video Direct. I read a lot of articles and blurb and ended up being more mystified than ever – you know … Read More

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