Anthony Hopkins – the Dead And Awake Connection

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Dead and Awake‘s lead actor Jason Wing had his training at drama shool paid for by Sir Anthony Hopkins! Not a scholarship but after winning the place and knowing that he couldn’t afford the fees he went out on a … Read More

Looking for short film crew for Bleach movie

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We’re looking to get a bank of filmmakers together, ultimately to work on the feature Cerebus, but starting with a couple of short films the first being Bleach, involving a couple of days shooting and prep. Dedication rather than experience needed … Read More

ONE SHOT – Classic Spanish Gangster Short Film

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This film’s brilliant – absolutely love it! Incredibly in all of its 10 minute duration there is only one continous shot meshed in with a gaggle of loathsome Spanish Gangsters characters. Will put you off going to Spain for life. … Read More

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