Spanish film night – great social event n chance to practice your Spanish this Xmas

Spanish film night – great social event n chance to practice your Spanish this Xmas

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Spanglish have just announced the details on the Spanish Film Club Meetup next week! As I said, not to be missed! In the original blog below you’ll get a good idea of what to expect – doesn’t matter what your level of Spanish is you’ll have a great time!

Most importantly though the event is now on MONDAY, this Monday the 12th (originally planned for Tuesday), the location is The Camden Eye, 2 Kentish Town Road, Camden Town, London, NW1 9NX (right next to the tube station). Start time is 7pm, with the film staring at 8 and the film is The Motorcycle Diaries (with English subtitles). Trailer it’s something about Che Guevara – called “inspirational” by many, and the best road movie ever!

See ya there!



London Meetup group Spanglish are hosting one of their not to be missed evenings on Tuesday 13th December in the lead up to Christmas, which is a bit of a coincidence as the organiser is Columbian born Cristian, a film producer now based in London.

Here’s a link to the event:

The events are great! It doesn’t what level of Spanish you speak you’ll be made to feel welcome, and this one ties two of my great passions filmmaking and languages! Well it’s really only one since I only speak Spanish because I accidently watched a film called REC 2 (not the first, the sequel, mucho mehor!) and was impressed though the signoretta I watched it with inspired me a little too truth to say!

What’s also nice is that the sort of conversation going on is just the same as you if you were speaking to people in your own tongue, there’s no “oh we have to be polite and only speak of popular phrases” so you might end up trying to talk of Tarkovsky influence on modern Russian cinema, but the real beauty is that the atmosphere is such that everyone will be wanting to understand what it is you’re trying to express! Which is what language is all about.

Here’s an example of a Spanish short – I’ve no idea of what to be shown, or even where! But book now:

So all of you get your smartphones out, load on the free app “MeetUp” and get onto Spanglish right away, Christmas comes only once a year and this should certainly be part of yours.

prGo on, go and grab yourself a bit of Brazillian this Xmas! (yeah I know it’s not Spanish but I couldn’t resist the joke!)

The lady pictured is unlikely to be the sort attending the event!

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