How Manson went about brainwashing

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Serial killer - Charles Manson

Charles Manson was probably the most noted svengali serial killer, drawing people in to kill for social change. He told the young women he met that they were perfect and beautiful, and that their parents were the problem. He claimed to have a solution. “I never ever developed a sense of who I was and where I was going and what I wanted to do,” Patricia Krenwinkel, who killed for Manson, said recently from prison. “I wanted to please. I wanted to feel safe. To feel like someone was going to care for me. I hadn’t felt that from anyone else in my life.”

In Dead And Awake Renate Morley plays Emily a similar manipulating serial who persuades Amy (played by Funda Onal) to kill her husband! ‘Course everyone says they’d never fall for persuasion or subtle brain washing but would you? Here’s a little bit of Emily wisdom (and there are more to follow) does it make logical sense to
you? Maybe the way you see the World isn’t right after all? May you’re more easily mesmerised to be a serial killer than you think! Comments?

EMILY (V.O.):Renate Morley playing Emily in Dead And Awake

“When the end comes, it will not come as a series of flashes, with screams and
bolts of flame, it will come slowly, insidiously, the pain will increase in steps, long and slight enough that you will have the strength to believe you are above them. Each will come not close upon the last but so it is a distant memory, one that you don’t have quite enough time to heal from. So it will be that you will slowly ascend the cliff, surrounded by green fields and heavy with pain. Only at the last moment will you see the drop in front of you and by then it will be too late.  No one will see you as you fall – do you notice even the most beautiful flower as it fades into extinction? As the flames engulf the planet only thought will remain and the overriding thought will be “what was the point of all that?”.”

Brainwashed serial killer Jack Nicholson in Kubrick's the Shining



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