Nail in the head short film

Nail in the head short film

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This is such a cool short film! Less than two minutes long but the message comes across beautifully.

In essence it’s just a sketch and that’s where everyone who’s making a short film particularly for the first time should start, rather than making something complicated that inevitably ends up as convoluted as a feature film!

If you’re after starting to shoot and want to get into the vibe there are some 38 scenes I’ve uploaded, all totally royalty free writings of my own on: just go down to the “scripts” link halfway down. Also do feel free to develop them into short films if you want to get more advanced.

Aside from that all you need is a camera and some editing equipment, here’s what I’d recommend (Sony’s cheap end software:

Meantime though enjoy the movie! – Guys learn from this about to cope with your other halves – solutions are not what’s wanted. Enjoy!

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