Make a film in 5 days – Day 1 – Script

Make a film in 5 days – Day 1 – Script

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From, Day 1 of a set of vids that will enable you to make your first movie in just 5 days!

This little video was originally posted on and features yours truly! Although it’s short it outlines and encapsulates a very different principle to the one you’ll usually hear, and that is that rather than talking about making a film you just go out and do it.

The script is the first step and for many it’s the most difficult because they fear their first foray into film will be dreadful! Possibly it will be! But then that’s what Art is all about, trying something and then by participation you become familiar and then an expert. I’m sure, for example, that when the first time Jimmy Page (of Led Zeppelin) picked up a guitar it didn’t sound like Black Dog! (actually here’s a pretty good idea of what it did sound like!: Early Jimmy Page). So why should you when making your first film?

Elsewhere on this site I’ve put some tips down about how to develop true writing confidence with some tips that really work!

However, maybe you just want to get on and start shooting! So also on this site is a link to where you can find 38 royalty free totally original scripts to get you rockin’ and rollin’ in just a few hours! Link to exercise scripts


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