Free Scene Scripts For Filmmaking Exercises

Free Scene Scripts For Filmmaking Exercises

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Finding a script is always a bit of a problem and since its the first step in any problem it’s probably the reason why most aspiring filmmakers fail.

There’s a tendency for even at this stage a production to become massive and I think the more you study it and analyse it the bigger subconsciously a production becomes and so you feel with all the thought put in it has to be a masterpiece!

I’m going to suggest to you a different approach, let’s make everything simple. In fact most scripts usually start off with a single scene and then the idea is developed from that (Dead And Awake was developed from when the writer broke down in Epping Forest in the middle of the night, found no phone signal and imagined going to some of the isolated houses in the forest and asking for help).

Scripts are actually made of scenes, so if you’ve never made anything before start off by shooting a scene. To make this more easy for you I’ve uploaded 38 scenes for you all of which are my own and all of which you can use for absolutely nothing! This is one of the scenes shot by The Actors One-stop Shop, who I orginally wrote them for.

They’re located at the following link. In a day or two I’m going to make it so that you need to give an e-mail to access them but right at the moment you can just get straight in. Here’s the link: Scripts

So go through them and pick something you fancy, they’re all simple and the main thing is to just get yourself used and confident at shooting things – hopefully it’s not going to be the last thing you shoot so don’t worry about making mistakes.

In a few days I’ll be writing about to create full scripts from ideas and how to get a suitable script (whether you are writing it or selecting one from scripts sent to you).

Good luck!

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