Screen acting in for actors and directors – Eleven Simple Tips that really work!

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Have just been reading what’s available online on advice on how to act in front of camera and am amazed at what sheer dross there is! I can only presume drama schools don’t want you to know these since you’d … Read More

The best video editing software

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Got a question yesterday about video editing software and what’s worth having. I’ve tried lots and lots of different types, in the 20 years I’ve been editing due to working for different editing houses, but I recognise if you’re just … Read More

Looking for short film crew for Bleach movie

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We’re looking to get a bank of filmmakers together, ultimately to work on the feature Cerebus, but starting with a couple of short films the first being Bleach, involving a couple of days shooting and prep. Dedication rather than experience needed … Read More

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