Casting Opportunities in Actor’s Showreel for Actors One-stop Shop

Casting Opportunities in Actor’s Showreel for Actors One-stop Shop

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As well as FilmFodor and my production companies I also set up another company called the Actor’s One-stop Shop, been going 20 years, certainly at one time the country’s most popular showreel company – though now there’s a lot of competition!
Here’s an example of a shot from scratch reel (there are 1000s though!)

Lot of people have been asking if they could be considered for professional acting work opposite the paying clients who shoot the reels, and the answer’s yes! All you need to do is send a mobile number (we send casting notices by text), an e-mail and a scene or two you’ve been in to give an idea of how you come across on camera. Then when roles come up that are suitable we’ll let you know and you can say if you’re available and would like to do it!
The roles themselves are very 50:50 so ideal showreel material for yourself and also a great chance to develop your acting. The way we shoot is to book you for a 2 hour slot, one hour is spent workshopping the scene/developing the characters, and the next shooting the scene. It’s not big bucks, £35, but you’ll have a copy of the scene within a week and the edit doesn’t just favour the client.
Moreover, once you’re on the database you won’t just be considered for showreel castings – you’ll also be on the list for potential castings for the feature films and shorts we also make!

dead and awake jason wing
Dead And Awake feature film by Actors One-stop Shop Team!

So please feel free to send your contact details now!

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