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BLEACH is an upcoming short psychological thriller starring Ayvianna Snow and Jason Wing, which deals with a chance encounter between two completely different individuals. Written by Alexander Fodor and directed by Claudio Ravanelli, the two award winning film makers who deal with the themes of human psychology, predominantly focusing on its dark side- a theme which can be seen in their previous works, K&P, Dead and Awake, Gorka, and now Bleach: a film focusing on a number of themes of great significance in our society, one of which happens to be mental illness.

The two characters, happen to be of entirely different social background, yet, end up in the same council estate flat due to different circumstances. Whilst HIS is financial, her happens to be social- it is her Asperger’s syndrome which turns her into an outcast of her natural social background, and force her into her present surroundings.

It is, however, very important to note, that this is not a film ABOUTĀ Asperger’s Syndrome; although it’s themes and contexts are greatly influenced by it, what we are attempting to show to our audience is how the syndrome, alongside with other factors may affect one’s psychological state.

10 Famous People You Probably Didn’t Realise Had Aspergers

The short film project is currently seeking funding through an IndieGoGo Campaign, please pitch in and lend a little bit of support or get the word out!: IndieGoGo Campaign

Stay tunedĀ for more updates!

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