Pat Boothman


About Pat Boothman

A British, London-based actress, Pat Boothman was educated in South Africa. She has enjoyed many performances both there and in Canada, and is fluent in both French and Portuguese as well as her native English.

Pat’s long acting career is peppered with a whole host of classic plays following her first professional foray into theatre started in Cape Town with the role of Madame Martell in “DIPLOMATIC BAGGAGE “(review).
Perfomance Credits

As well as her performance career, Pat also has a long history of voice-over as well as being a voice-coach.

A fluent multi-linguist (French and Portuguese), Pat divides her time between the UK and work engagements overseas. Sociable, with a love of meeting new people and a passion for London, she also enjoys introducing people to the nation’s capital and is a tour guide.

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