tumblr_lwbfjnlihc1qhnmsto1_500-1FilmFodor is the official moviemaking website of UK film director/producer Alexander Fodor.

I’ve three feature films under my directing belt including the co-direction of the $20M BAKU I LOVE YOU shot in Azerbaijahn plus numerous shorts.


I’ve a passion for film, but just as importantly I’ve a love to see that passion in others in all parts of the film making process. There’s a purity within it which will enable you to find yourself which is why millions flock to it every day with the 21st century birth of accessible film making tools.

I describe film making as “being presented with a bowl of cherries and being asked to pick which one I want”. As such I will help you to develop whatever part of the film making experience you want to be part of, be it writing, acting, filming, producing and directing too – I feel no competition in all these areas that I personally have enjoyed.

And that is what this site is all about. It’s about art, it’s about relaxation into the creative mind meld, there is no judgement for what you produce or how you aught to enjoy others’ contributions.

My films tend to be a bit weird, if you don’t like them or this site’s vibe they’re not for you, there’s nothing wrong in that. They’re not TV and they’re certainly not BBC or politically correct. I hope the information and opportunities enclosed in the site prove not just of use but of inspiration.